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Schedule of Tasks

We have revisited the 2009 Review and the way the Committee saw itself. Out of this was developed a schedule of tasks in which we would be involved. Each is assigned a priority and where appropriate a lead individual. If you want to see were we see the Society going look here.

The Waterwheel

The ownership and responsibility for the watrwheel has been passed to the Manor, on whose land it is situated after a full review of the society’s role in the upkeep of this site, and close consultastion with the village.

In 1995 the Society had a major project to restore the Waterwheel near the top of Tuns Hill opposite the 7 Tuns Pub. The wheel had though, not been maintained for a number of years, so a new project was set up to re-invigorate it. Details

A Survey of Wells in Chedworth

Results of David Brown’s Survey of Wells in Chedworth is here

Chedworth Wins in 2011 Vibrant Village

See our entry vibrantvillage2011 _1_